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Fucktupid* identity politics round-up
1. By writing songs from the perspective of imaginary conjoined twins, Amanda Palmer is oppressing disabled people! She could so easily have chosen to promote one of the many real but unknown conjoined bands; but instead she chose to make her own music, as if she is some kind of musician, rather than an equalities officer/A&R person! And in writing about imaginary conjoined twins who grew up in a carnival, she referenced some of the rhetoric of the freakshow - which means she totally agrees with it, because as we all know, portrayal means advocacy! What a cunt!

And the thing that really grinds my gears about this situation is that some non-conjoined people with disabilities have assumed they can speak for the interests of the conjoined community - as if "disabled" is all one homogeneous category, and having one disability - or more outrageously, even no disabilities at all!!1 - means you can somehow empathise with someone who has a different life experience. As we all know, empathy = appropriation.

2. By perpetuating the evil lie that imaginary science-fiction species might have different mental characteristics to humans, Mass Effect 2 is 'committed to racial essentialism'.

3. If patriarchy is too specific a term, why not try being against the kyriarchy? For example, suppose you find out that 71% of women would blame rape victims, as compared to 57% of men. That might make you think that maybe the problem isn't so much the patriarchy, as the completely unpersuasive nature of identity politics 'discourse', which mainly boils down to "if you don't know what you did wrong, I'm certainly not going to tell you".

But don't start doubting that you have the glorious certainty of the moral high ground: just redefine the problem as kyriarchy! What does kyriarchy mean? It means that "[w]hen people talk about patriarchy and then it divulges into a complex conversation about the shifting circles of privilege, power, and domination — they're talking about kyriarchy"!

In other words, kyriarchy is like patriarchy, but less specific. It's a bit like income equality, but without all that confusing maths.

If kyriarchy is still too specific for you, try being against the badiarchy, which is about shifting circles of, you know, bad stuff.

Special commenting note: If you are going to say something that I disagree with, I will get very angry and ban you!

* because I realise it's wrong to say "fucktarded".

Wisdom Ways: Introducing Feminist Biblical Interpretation

An implied reference that I sadly will not be following up in this lifetime.

You'll find that the Bible is riddled with kyriarchy!

Yeah, the fact that Amanda Palmer says that she can speak for people because, "we're all disabled in our own way" means she can fuck off, frankly. Sorry. She has no fucking clue.

I don't think the Evelyn Evelyn project is trying to "speak for" conjoined twins.

Saying we're all disabled in our own way is an IDIOTIC thing to say. She is often an idiot.

We're all idiotic in our own way!

Maybe she didn't respond in a particularly savvy way, but I can't see how writing from the perspective of (imaginary, cartoony) conjoined twins is necessarily wrong. Is the Curious Case of The Dog In The Night Time appropriating the Asperger's experience? Is Motherless Brooklyn appropriating the Tourette's experience? Are people only allowed to write about issues they have personally experienced?

Actually very few people were saying that she couldn't 'write from the perspective' of people with disabilities. It was the storyline most people objected to. And her fucking awful way of responding to people's genuine questions and concerns about the project.

Well, the central complaint of all the critiques I have read is that she wrote about conjoined twins, with their imaginary experiences being mentioned as a side-issue. Some people complained because they had been fooled into believing in these very realistically-portrayed imaginary twins!

I think her mistake was to bother addressing people's "genuine" questions and concerns, thus feeding the rage spiral. I'm disappointed she didn't tell them all to grow the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.

*shrug* I can't say I care what you think enough to have an argument about it.

Speaking as someone who is genuinely pissed off that I cannot fly OR see through walls - no, it's a fair comment.

How? How does anyone, in your day to day life, judge you or treat you differently because you can't fly? Saying, "oh well, we're all disabled!" completely trivialises the experience of people are who disabled in ways that society treats them like lepers or idiots.

So disability is a purely social construct, is it? Entirely to do with how others see you? Nothing to do with the purely personal sensation of trying to do something, then realising, shit, I can't?

If you washed up on a desert island, and lost an arm and a leg in the process, when you were struggling to get around and feed yourself, would that not count as disability because nobody is pointing and laughing?

Yeah, it is also, "Shit, I can't" but it's more than, "Shit, I can't". You not being able to fly- which NO-ONE can- is not comparable to you not being able to walk, which most people can.

In the kingdom of the blind, there's still a man who can half-imagine the concept of colours. 'Disability' means, literally, lacking in one or more abilities. Not necessarily one everyone else has. That, and all the rest, is just a construct put on the word after the event. And I don't much care what people have done with the word since - when the original still means something useful, that use is still valid.

But that's not what AFP, or anyone who took exception to her, meant.

Not being telepathic (another disability!), obviously I can't be entirely sure what she meant by it - and nor can anyone else. But judging by her dissection of the concept of wellness in 'Runs In The Family', I don't think she and I are that far apart on the matter.

I'm not sure if she said this, I think it may have been one of her fans. However she did have a serious laugh about 'the disabled feminist' on an Australian chat show so you know, she can fuck right off.

I've just looked up the clip in question. All she says is "I got crucified by a website of disabled feminists" - admittedly in a slightly obnoxious way.

The panel and audience seem to treat that as a punchline in its own right. I don't think it would have got the same reaction if she'd just said "disabled people" - it's almost like feminism has become a joke in mainstream culture. And that can only be down to kyriarchy, if not outright kyriomancy. Or maybe it's down to exactly the sort of overreaction that this Evelyn Evelyn thing has received.

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I would like to be a member of the Kyliearchy, where all the different Kylies from the Come Into My World video form a world government based in hate and fear.

I, for one, welcome our new Minogue overlords.

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We can only be truly free when power is limited to the powerless! Oh, wait.

Oh Ben, don't be a troll, you're better than that.

Yeah, and this was just fucking CHARMING.

What makes me feel uncomfortable is the whole made up sexual abuse aspect of the 'story'. Everything just makes me feel uncomfortable and her response seemed like a bratty child whose art project didn't get an A. I generally dislike histrionic, attention seeking people anyway so she bugged the crap out of me even before this, but oh, I just don't see how this could in any way be construed as okay.

Kyriarchy isn't an analogue for patriarchy. It reflects that, say, if you are a disabled black person, then your life is going to be affected by more than just racism. Most people who aren't agents of social control have more than one system what they should be smashin'/

It reflects that, say, if you are a disabled black person, then your life is going to be affected by more than just racism.

That's true, but how does the concept of "kyriarchy" tell you anything more about that situation? Who are the kyriarchs?

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